Reprtoir Inbox


Where do I access Reprtoir Inbox settings?

Navigate to the left menu in the Workspace. Select your profile picture at the bottom. Click on "Settings". This will open a new tab. Under the "Integrations" section, select "Reprtoir Inbox".

Reprtoir Inbox Explained (5:57)

This video will walk you through how to set up your Reprtoir account to use our Audio AI feature.

Setting up receiving Assets

As the receiving account, you must approve the third-party account authorized to send assets into your account.

You must provide your secret token to the sending account so they can save it to their account, establishing a secure link between your accounts.

To grant this right, go to the Reprtoir Inbox settings, go to the "Authorize a third-party Reprtoir account" section, enter the recipient's email, and then click "Send email".

You can also copy the secret token at the top of the page and share it directly with the recipient.

As soon as the recipient has registered your token in their account, they will have the right to send you their assets.


Secret Token Privacy

Only share your secret token with trusted individuals. If you suspect it has been compromised, generate a new one.

Setting up sending Assets

As a sending account, you must obtain authorization from the receiving account before sending your assets to them.

The receiving account will need to provide you with a secret token so that you can save it to your account, which will establish a secure link between your accounts

To obtain this right, contact the administrator of the third-party account to which you wish to send assets, obtain a secret token, go to the Reprtoir Inbox settings, and save this token in the "Add a Recipient Account" section.

As soon as the token has been registered in your account, you will have the right to send your assets to it.