Reprtoir Inbox

What is Reprtoir Inbox?

The "Reprtoir Inbox" feature provides a streamlined and efficient way to transfer Assets between Reprtoir Accounts, including all Metadata, Custom Tags, and Audio files, eliminating the need for time-consuming steps such as exporting, downloading, re-uploading, or other data import-export workflow processes.

Here are some examples of use according to the typologies of users:

  • "Music Professionals" (such as Record Labels and Music Publishers) can effortlessly and quickly ingest Assets from "Music Creators" (such as Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Licensees, etc.) in their Accounts;
  • "Music Creators" (such as Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Licensing Companies, etc.) can send Assets to "Music Professionals" and "Music Users";
  • "Music Users" (such as Music Supervisors, Film Productions, Brands, Licensing Companies, etc.) can receive Assets from "Music Professionals" and "Music Creators".

Reprtoir Inbox Explained (6 min)

We strongly advise you to watch the video below to be quickly operational.



To send Assets to a third-party Reprtoir Account (the "Recipient"), or receive Assets for a third-party Reprtoir Account (the "Sender"), you must start by establishing a secured association between these Reprtoir Accounts. Go to the Reprtoir Inbox settings to learn more.

How to use Reprtoir Inbox?

Learn how to send or receive assets using Reprtoir Inbox by following these links:

Sending Assets

Receiving Assets