What are Notifications?

Notifications are updates on actions taken by the User within the Workspace. These updates inform the User of the outcome of their actions that require processing time by the system.

When one of these actions takes place, their progress and completion are displayed in real-time. When done, Users can click on any of the completed tasks to access the corresponding Asset or Item.

In Reprtoir, different Notifications are displayed above the Workspace when a User clicks on the icons to the left of the Help Center button.


The Notification pop-up regroups all the Notifications regarding Assets import and export but also when a Contact you sent a playlist to has opened it, etc. You can also download metadata or audio file exports through the Notification Center.

Queued Processes

The Queued Processes pop-up indicates which background jobs are ongoing or completed. It gives you an idea of whether the actions and processes you have launched using your account are met.


The Uploads pop-up indicates audio uploads that have been completed in the past and any ongoing uploads.