CWR Importer

What is the CWR Importer feature?

"CWR" (for "Common Works Registration") is a data format and protocol created by CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) to register musical works with CMOs.

The "CWR Importer" feature lets you import valid CWR files into your account.


Reprtoir supports CWR 2.1 file imports, including "Own" and "Collection" shares by country.

Quick Start Video (02:41)

We strongly advise you to watch the video below to be quickly operational

CWR File Importation Step by Step

Follow the process below to add a CWR file:

  1. Adding a CWR file
  2. Uploading a CWR file



Please note that currently we are only accepting "NWR" ("New Work Registration") files for import. If you have an "ACK" ("Acknowledgement Record") file that needs to be processed, please reach out to us for further assistance.

β—Ό 1. Adding a CWR file

To import a CWR file, go to the navigation menu located at the left of the workspace, click on the "Catalog Management" icon, browse to the "Import Tools" section, and click on the "CWR Importer" list.

At the top right of the list, click the orange "New CWR file" button.

A pop-up window will open to enter the necessary data for the new CWR file:

Details Tab

Name *Enter the CWR file's Name (Mandatory)
CWR File Type *Select the File Type (Mandatory)

Tags Tab

Custom TagsEnter Custom Tags for the CWR file

Once filled in, to save the new CWR file, click the orange "Save" button at the bottom right of the pop-up window. The new CWR file will be opened in a new panel and displayed in the "CWR Importer" list.

Click the grey "Cancel" button to cancel the action.

β—Ό 2. Uploading a CWR file

Upload your CWR file from your desktop to the file upload area at the bottom of the Panel.

The CWR system is powered by an intelligent engine that checks the consistency and conformity of the data to validate or reject it before importing it into your account.

You will get a list of the Works included in the uploaded CWR file:

TitleThe Title of the Work
ISWCThe ISWC of the Work
Valid?If the Work metadata is valid or not.
ErrorsDetails of errors if the Work is not valid.


Invalid Works will not be imported.

Click the orange "Confirm import of x entries" button. Metadata will be immediately added to your account, and new Works will be displayed in the "Works " list.

Click the grey "Cancel" button to cancel the action.