Tabs and Panels Views

What are Tab and Panel Views?

The "Tab" and "Panel" views are options for displaying the Workspace catering to different user preferences and work scenarios.

The Tabs View is the default view that works the same as any web browser and improves readability by showing the entire panel width, but Users must switch from one tab to the other to access data.

The Panels View gives immediate access to the data found in your different opened panels but sacrifices readability. Some options are available:

Auto Mode

In Auto mode, every newly opened panel will be adjusted to match the size of all other open panels within the Workspace.

Fixed Mode

Activating the slider puts you in Fixed mode, where all panels and lists will be uniform in size. The further you move the slider to the right, the larger the panels become.

Manual Mode

If you manually adjust the size of a panel, you enter Manual mode. In this mode, you have the freedom to change the size of any panel independently.

Changing Views

To toggle between views, click the "Panels View" button at the bottom left of the Workspace. To return to the default "Tab View", click the same button again.