Digital Files Importer

What is a Digital Image File?

A "Digital Image File" (also known as an "Image Cover" or an "Artwork") represents an image saved in or converted into digital form. In Digital Image File, the image is usually interpreted in pixel resolution. Higher resolution means more detail on Digital Image Files.

Uploading an Image File


To ensure proper quality, please source your Digital Image Files directly from a production master export. Digital Image Files created from a compressed format (e.g. JPG, or PNG) will have inferior quality, and, therefore, should not be uploaded.

To upload a Digital Image File, open the pane of an "Album" go to the "Files Upload" Tab, and then drag and drop a Digital Image File from your desktop on the corresponding "Upload Image" card (or click on the link inside).

Supported Digital Image File formats

The following Digital Image File formats are supported (with any resolution):

File ExtensionNameDeveloperRecommended
.tif / .tiffTIFF (Tag Image File Format)Aldus, Adobe
.jpg / .jpegJPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)Joint Photographic Experts Group
.pngPNG (Portable Network Graphics)PNG Development Group, W3C

Digital Image File must be:

Resolution300 dpi
LayerNo layer
Minimum size1500 x 1500 pixels (Square)
Maximum size3000 x 3000 pixels (Square)