Audio Files Importer

What is a Digital Audio File?

A "Digital Audio File" contains sounds saved or converted into a digital version. In a Digital Audio File, the sound wave of the audio signal is typically encoded as numerical samples in a continuous sequence. For example, in CD audio, samples are taken 44,100 times per second, each with a 16-bit sample depth.

Uploading a Digital Audio File


To ensure proper quality, please source your Digital Audio Files directly from a production master export. Digital Audio Files created from a compressed format (e.g. MP3, AAC, or WMA) will have an inferior sound quality, and therefore should not be uploaded.

To upload a Digital Audio File, open the pane of an "Album" or a "Track" go to the "Files Upload" Tab, and then drag and drop a Digital Audio File from your desktop on the corresponding Track row (or click on the link inside).

Uploading Digital Audio Files in bulk

Uploading Digital Audio Files in bulk

Uploading Digital Audio Files in bulk

To upload Digital Audio Files in bulk, open the pane of an "Album" go to the "Files Upload" Tab, and then drag and drop a whole selection of Digital Audio Files on the "Upload Audio files in bulk" card (or click on the link inside).

To automatically match Digital Audio File to Track properly, Digital Audio Files must contain the Track number in front of the Digital Audio Files name. This way, the system knows which Digital Audio Files should be uploaded to which Track.

For example, you must write "1" or "01", then add any additional text after these numbers (or nothing), and finally, the Digital File format suffix preceded by a point at the end of the name. Here are a few examples that show what you can and cannot do:

01 Black Sheep.wavβœ…
Black Sheep.wav❌
Black Sheep 3.wav❌

Supported Digital Audio File Formats

The following Audio File formats are supported (with any bit rate and any sampling frequency):

File ExtensionFull NameDeveloper/OwnerRecommended
.wavWAV (Waveform Audio File Format)IBM / Microsoftβœ…
.aif / .aiffAIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)Appleβœ…
.flacFLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)Xiph (Open Source)βœ…
.aacAAC (Advanced Audio Coding)Fraunhofer❌
.mp3MP3 (MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer III)Fraunhofer❌
.oggOggXiph (Open Source)❌
.wmaWMA (Windows Media Audio)Microsoft❌