What is an Organization?

An "Organization" is a legal entity that can be a company, institution, association, foundation, or a self-employed person responsible for financial and tax obligations.

Typically, in the music industry, an Organization refers to a Record Label or Music Publisher that controls music Assets such as Sound Recordings and/or Musical Works, collects Revenues from their usage, and distributes Royalties to Rights-Holders.

The concept of Organization plays a vital role in Royalty Accounting in Reprtoir. By defining the role of the Organization in a Contract, it can be established if it will act as the recipient or sender of payments and the percentage of royalties it will receive.

Managing an Organization

If you don't have a multi-Organization account, you don't need to worry about adding a new Organization to your Account.

When you create a new Account, Reprtoir automatically adds a new Company (in the CRM) and a new Organization using the Company's name and Currency indicated during the setup of the new Account. This Organization and this Company are automatically associated.

To check your Organization's details, go to "Settings" > "Account Settings" > "Organizations".

Renaming an Organization

To rename an Organization, edit its associated Company in the CRM by following these steps:

  1. Go to the navigation menu located at the left of the Workspace, click on the "Catalog Management" icon, browse to the "CRM" section, and click on the "Companies" list.
  2. Search your Organization
  3. Select it and click "Edit" in the contextual menu
  4. Edit his name
  5. Save

About Organization's Currency

Please double-check that the correct Currency has been assigned to the Organization before adding Incomes or Expenses. If you need to change the Currency of an Organization, please get in touch with us.

Multiple Organizations

Depending on the Plan you subscribed to, you can manage Multiple Organizations in a single Reprtoir Account.

This is particularly useful when the Company that manages the Music Recording is legally separate from the Company that manages the Music Publishing but managed by the same Team.

The administrators, such as external accountants, can also use this functionality as long as they do not need to give access to their Accounts to their clients.

If you need to give your customers access to your Account, you must open a Reprtoir Account per Company.

To add or remove an Organization from your Account, please get in touch with us.