CWR Exporter

What is the CWR Exporter feature?

"CWR" (for "Common Works Registration") is a data format and protocol created by CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) to register musical works with CMOs.

The "CWR Exporter" feature allows you to export valid CWR files from the Works list.


Reprtoir supports CWR 2.1 file exports, including "Own" and "Collection" shares by country.

CWR Exporter Step by Step

Follow the process below to add and calculate a Royalty Statement:

  1. Setup your account
  2. Setup CWR metadata
  3. Export the CWR file

How to export CWR?

◼ 1. Setup your account

To set up CWR Exports for your account, go to the navigation menu at the left of the Workspace, click on your profile picture at the bottom, and click on the "Settings" list.

That will open a new tab in your browser. On this page, the Settings are organized under Sections. Click on the "Parameters" link, and click on the "CWR" list.

◼ 2. Setup CWR metadata

Works > Edit > CWR

To mass export Works on CWR 2.1 format, go to the navigation menu on the left, and click on the Works list you would to mass export.

Select one or several Assets or Items in the list, point them and click right (or click on the three dots icon on the right side of the line when you hover it) and then hover on the "Export" action in the opened contextual menu. Depending on the case, several export options are available. To learn more about metadata and files export, please follow the link below.

RecordedIndicate whether the Work has been recorded (Yes / No / Unknown)
GenreIndicate the musical Genre of the Work (Jazz / Popular / Serious / Unclassified)
VersionIndicate if the Work is an original or modified version (Original / Modified)

Refer to the SESAC documentation if you have a doubt.

◼ 3. Export the CWR file

To export CWR, go to the Settings > General > ``**Works Manager** page and entry following informations under "CWR Parameters" section.

Works > Export > CWR

Version *Reprtoir supports only "CWR 2.1" version for now
Transaction Type *Reprtoir supports only "NWR - New Work Registration" for now
Receiver Code *Enter the "Receiver Code" (2 or 3-char code for Music Publishers or 3-digit code for Collective Society)
Split Type *Select the Split Type (All Splits / Original Work Splits (only) / Sub-Publishing / Administration Splits (only)
TerritoriesSelect the territories to include