Deduction Rules

What are Deduction Rules?

"Deductions Rules" is a mechanism that makes it possible to modify the standard Royalty Rate by applying extra Royalty Rates according to the cases of use provided for in the "Contracts Money Out" and which must be calculated and reported to the Rights-Holder.

In Reprtoir, it is possible to create an unlimited number of Deduction Rules per "Contracts Money Out"


Where can find Deduction Rules?

Deduction Rules are available in the detail panel of Contracts Money Out (see below for more information).

Adding a Deduction Rule

To add Deductions Rules to a Money Out Contract, go to the navigation menu at the left of the Workspace, click on the "Royalty Accounting" icon, browse to the "Legal" section, and click on the "Contracts" list.

In the list, find the Contract Money In to edit and click on its name. This will open the Contract Money In panel.

Under the Money In Contract title, click on the "Details" tab and then the "Terms" tab.

At the bottom right of the Royalty Splits section, click on the orange "New Deduction Rule" button.

A new Deduction Rule section will be added to enter the necessary data for the new Deduction Rule:

Enter a Deduction Rule Name

Enter a name for this Deduction Rule.

Manage Conditions

On the line "If":

  1. Select a Deduction Type to target (see below)
  2. Select the Operator Type (see below)
  3. Select one or more Deduction Types to target
  4. Add a Condition if needed

On the line "Then":

  1. Select the Operator Type (see below)
  2. Enter the points to deduct or add (for each Right-Holder)

Manage Reporting

If there are no Royalties to pay (zero or below), tick the checkbox not to report them to the Rights-Holder (not displayed in Statement, Operations, and Analytics).


Once filled in, click the orange "Save" button at the bottom right of the pop-up window to save the new Contract Money In. The new Contract Money In will be opened in a new panel and displayed in the "Contracts" list.

To stop the action, click the grey "Cancel" button.

Deduction Types List

CountrySelect one or more Countries to include or exclude
Statement ProviderSelect one or more Statement Providers to include or exclude
Source ProviderSelect one or more Source Providers to include or exclude
RetailerSelect one or more Retailers to include or exclude
Sale DateSelect a period (is between by default). Pick up a Date in the selector
Sale TypeSelect one or more Sale Types to include or exclude
Sale SubtypeSelect one or more Sale Subtypes to include or exclude
Spit TypeSelect one or more Spit Types to include or exclude

Operator Types List

Operator Types are items that can be used to manage Deduction Rules:

Ifis/is notChoose if the Deduction Type is included or excluded
Thendeduct/addChoose if the Deduction Type will be deducted or added

Use Case for Deduction

The Contract between Max and the Organization states that Max will receive a 20% Royalty Rate on digital sales, except for download sales on iTunes UK, for which an additional 50% deduction will be applied.

A Reduction Rule is added to the Contract:

  • If "Retailer" is "Apple"
  • and "Country" is "United Kinkdom"
  • and "Sale Type" is "Downloads"
  • Then "Deduct" 10 points to "Max"

From there, Max will receive "20%" on the Royalties, except when the rule is applied, he will receive only "10%".