Details Panels

What is a Details Panel?

A "Details Panel" is where detailed Asset and Item (meta)data are displayed and where Users can manage them. Details Panels open when a User clicks on an Asset or an Item from a List.

Panels Details

Each Asset or Item type contains its own (meta)data.

About Track Listing tab

Tracklisting pane tabs are only found in album and playlist panels because only these resources contain tracklists.

In Reprtoir, track listings act precisely the same way as any other list type, meaning you can filter them, sort them, use custom columns, etc.

The only difference between album and playlist tracklistings and your Tracks’ list is these extra added features:

  • Shuffle: you can shuffle a selection of tracks within a tracklisting by right-clicking on the selection and choosing Shuffle from the dropdown menu
  • Move-to: you can move one track or a selection of tracks to the top or bottom of the tracklisting.

About Audio Cluster tab

Audio Cluster pane tabs are only found in Track panes.

In simpler terms, Audio Clusters are groupings of perfectly identical Audio Recordings.

For instance, if a user duplicates a Tracks from a given Album by adding it to a new Album or Playlist, that Track's Audio Cluster will display two instances of the Track.

In other words, Audio Clusters allows users to know how many duplicates their catalog holds.

Audio Clusters are only based on the audio file imported into your account and not on the metadata itself. So without the imported audio files, we cannot calculate your Tracks’ Audio Clusters.

About Files tab

Only three types of resources have Files sub-tabs at their disposal:

  • Albums
  • Tracks
  • Playlist

The Files sub-tabs are used for uploading audio files to associate them with their respective resources.