5. Genres

5.1 Genres

This list of genres on Wikipedia can be used as a reference. Keep in mind that the genre list is constantly changing as new genres emerge or the list is edited by Wikipedia users. Although you may be able to select primary and secondary genres, the primary genre should be the best description for the content. In some cases the secondary genre is only used as a search term to help users find the content. A secondary genre is not always required, but it should be used when available. It is important to have a detailed understanding of the way genres are utilized by each individual merchant. Primary, secondary, and sub-genres can be defined differently across different platforms.

Genres must not be intentionally misclassified (e.g., Hip Hop in place of Children’s Music). Genre issues that lead to customer confusion and complaints will usually result in the genre being adjusted or the content being removed. Some Digital Merchants do not allow genres listed in conjunction (e.g., Dance/Electronic). International music may require a more detailed classification than domestic music. For example, Pop music from Latin America may need to be classified as Pop Latino instead of Pop.

Contact your Digital Merchant for a complete list of acceptable genres and details on their process for genre classification and charting within the store.

DDEX does not standardize genres but allows the communication of multiple genres for each sound recording and/or release.

See: https://kb.ddex.net/display/HBKGenres for details.