What are Operations?

"Operations", also known as "Transactions", reflect the status of debits and credits going from the Organization to Rights-Holders, resulting from Royalty Splits calculations carried out during Incomes and Expenses processing.


Users cannot edit items in the Operations list, and their status updates automatically.

Operations List

The Operations List displays several columns by default, including:

Column NameDetails
NameThe Name of the Operation
StatusThe Status of the Operation
TypeThe Type of the Operation
PayerThe Payer of the Operation
Rights-HolderThe Rights-Holder associated with the Operation
Money Out ContractThe Money Out Contract associated with the Operation
AmountThe Amount of the Operation
Operation DateThe Date of the Operation
Creation DateThe Creation Date of the Operation

You can add or remove additional columns using the optional Custom Columns feature.

Operations Statuses

DraftAn Operation's status is set to Draft until it has been paid
DueConsolidating a Rights-Holder's Balance sets related operations to Due
ClosedClosing a Rights-Holder's Balance sets related operations to Close