What is an Income?

An Income (also known as "Revenue") is an amount the Organization earns for Digital or Physical Royalties, Neighboring, Performance or Mechanical Rights, Synchronizations, or other sources such as Concerts, Touring, or Merchandising.

In accounting, the Incomes are recorded at the Credit of the Organization when the money flows into its bank account. If you are uncomfortable with accounting basics, please check this page to learn more: https://bench.co/blog/bookkeeping/debits-credits.

Incomes List

The Incomes List displays several columns by default, including:

Column NameInstructions
NameThe Name of the Income
StatusThe Status of the Income
TypeThe Type of the Income
PayerThe Payer associated with the Income
Money In ContractThe Money In Contract associated with the Income
Net AmountThe Net Amount of the Income
Creation DateThe Creation Date of the Income.

You can add or remove additional columns using the optional Custom Columns feature.

Incomes Statuses

The followings are the different statuses and meanings you may encounter on the Incomes list:

Status NameDetails
DraftThe Income was added but not processed yet.
ProcessingThe Income is being processed.
Partially ProcessedThe Income has not been fully processed (Quarantined).
ProcessedThe Income has been fully processed.
Processing ErrorsThe Income cannot be processed due to detected errors.