4. Soundtracks and Scores

4.1 Soundtracks and Scores

Soundtracks and scores for movies, TV, and musicals should include tags that indicate the version of the soundtrack or score. It is advised to provide these tags as a subtitle versus including them in the main title. The wording that appears on the cover art should match the release title.

For example:




Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Happy Feet

Original Score

Dazed & Confused

Music Inspired by the Film

The Threepenny Opera

Original Off-Broadway Cast

Where possible and sensible, scores for TV and movies should have the composer in both the Composer and MainArtist roles on the album and tracks.

For example:



Album Title

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Album Artists

John Williams (MainArtist) John Williams (Composer)

Track Title

20th Century Fox Fanfare


Main Title / Rebel Blockade Runner / Imperial Attack


The Dune Sea of Tatooine / Jawa Sandcrawler

Track Artists (for all Tracks)

John Williams (MainArtist), John Williams (Composer)

If all sound recording resources on an album release are from the same soundtrack, the album title should indicate the version of the soundtrack as described above.

However, if the sound recording resources on the album are not from the same soundtrack, you should list the respective soundtrack the track is from as a subtitle with the film title in quotations.

Track Title


Journey To The Island

From “Jurassic Park”

Many Mothers

From “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Depending on the Digital Merchant, this would generally display as such:

  • Journey To The Island (From “Jurassic Park”)
  • Many Mothers (From “Mad Max: Fury Road”)

The necessity of quotations in plain text and XML for the above examples may vary depending on Digital Merchant.