Personal Information

The "Personal Information" settings page allows users to manage and edit their profile information, such as their profile photo, name, email address, phone number, and password.


Where are the Personal Information settings?

Navigate to the left menu in the Workspace. Select your profile picture at the bottom. Click on "Settings". This will open a new tab. Click "Edit Profile" and select "Personal Information".

Managing Personal Information settings

To edit the Personal Information settings, go to the navigation menu at the left of the Workspace, click on your profile picture at the bottom, and click on the "Settings" list.

That will open a new tab in your browser. On this page, the Settings are organized under Sections. Click on the "Edit Profile" link at the top, and click on the "Personal Information" list.

On this page, the following fields are editable:

PhotoUpload the User's Photo
First Name *Enter the User's First Name (Mandatory)
Last Name *Enter the User's Last Name (Mandatory)
Email AddressEnter the User's Email Address
Phone NumberEnter the User's Phone Number
PasswordEnter the User's Password
Password ConfirmationEnter the User's Password Confirmation

Once filled in, to save the Personal Information, click on the orange "Save" button at the bottom right window. To cancel, refresh the page.