Reprtoir Inbox Emails

Reprtoir Inbox Secret Token

This email is sent when a user sends a Reprtoir Inbox secret token to another account:

Submit your Assets to Bidouille Records


John Doe of JD Music invites you to submit your Assets to his Reprtoir Inbox.

Reprtoir is the all-in-one workspace for Record Labels and Music Publishers. Inbox is a feature that allows Assets to be quickly and securely submitted between Reprtoir accounts in seconds. To learn more about Reprtoir solutions, go to our website.

To start submitting your Assets to JD Music, log in to your Reprtoir Account or signup to Reprtoir., and click on the link below to activate the secret token:

[Add secret token]

You can also copy-paste the secret token below in the Recipient Accounts section from "Settings" > "Integrations" > "Reprtoir Inbox":


Please go to the Reprtoir Inbox documentation or reply to this email if you need help.

The Reprtoir Team