Rights-Holder Balances

What is a Rights-Holder Balance?

In Reprtoir, Rights-Holder Balances automatically shows the total amounts indicated in the Contract Balances list for each Contract, which can be debit or credit, as well as other important accounting status information.

Rights-Holder Balances List

The Rights-Holder Balances List displays several columns by default, including:

Column NameInstructions
Rights-Holder BalanceThe Name of the Rights-Holder Balance
StatusThe Status of the Rights-Holder Balance
Opening BalanceThe Opening Balance of the Rights-Holder Balance is any outstanding debits or credits from the previous period carried forward
Incomes AmountThe Incomes Amount represents the total Incomes earned by the Rights-Holder
Expenses AmountThe Expenses Amount represents the total Expenses incurred by the Rights-Holder
BalanceThe Balance is a snapshot of the final balance of the Rights-Holder after consolidating and closing it
Creation DateThe Creation Date of the Rights-Holder Balance

You can add or remove additional columns using the optional Custom Columns feature.