Keyboard Shortcuts

What is Keyboard Shortcuts?

"Keyboard Shortcuts" provide efficient and rapid ways of navigating the Workspace, playing music, or editing Assets and Items using a keyboard on both macOS and Windows operating systems.

List of Supported Keyboard Shortcuts

Close PaneEscEsc
Close PaneAlt + wAlt + w
Reload PaneAlt + rAlt + r
Activate next PaneAlt + Right arrowAlt + Right arrow
Activate the previous PaneAlt + Left arrowAlt + Left arrow
Select the previous rowUp arrowUp arrow
Select next rowDown arrowDown arrow
Add the previous row to the current selectionShift + Up arrowAlt + Up arrow
Add the next row to the current selectionShift + Down arrowAlt + Left arrow
Select all rowsAlt + aCtrl + a
Play TrackEnterEnter
Play next TrackLeft arrowCtrl + Alt + Right arrow
Play previous TrackRight arrowCtrl + Alt + Left arrow
Toggle Play / PauseSpace barCtrl + Alt + Down arrow