What is the Income Reprocessing feature?

The "Income Reprocessing" feature allows reprocessing Incomes that have already been partially or fully processed.

This is particularly useful if percentage errors are detected in the Contract Splits when Operations have already been created.

When an Income Reprocessing is initiated, the system creates new Operations that reverse the amounts already calculated then it makes new Operations, which are the results of the recent calculations (see the use case below).

No historical Operations and Royalty Statements are modified or deleted to ensure data integrity during an Income Reprocessing.

When an Income is Reprocessed, all Right's-Holders benefiting from this Income will have an inverse adjustment Operation of what was calculated in the past to cancel it and will have a new operation resulting from the new calculation.


Claim activation on your account

This advanced feature is available for free for all Royalty Accounting Plans but requires an activation request from an Account Administrator. The Customer must precisely describe the problem he wishes to solve. Reprtoir reserves the right to refuse access to this feature, limit the period of use, or stop it for abuse. In addition, it may be subject to a specific paid integration program.

Use Case for Income Reprocessing

Max's Contract indicates he earns 50% of the Net Income. During the initial Processing, on an Income of $100, the system calculated that Max had made $50.

After the Contract modification, Max earns 60% of the Net Income. During the Reprocessing, the system gives Max back the initial $50 and then calculates that he has won $60, which reallocates to him.

We will therefore find in the list of Operations of Max the following accounting entries:

Initial Royalty Processing Operation$50.00
Royalty Reprocessing Operation (Adjustment)$-50.00
Royalty Reprocessing Operation$60.00