What is a Statement?

A "Statement", also known as a "Royalty Statement", is a report that an Organization provides to a Rights-Holder after a Royalty period calculation. Typically, a PDF statement summarizes the sales results, and a CSV or XLSX format spreadsheet is provided for all the sales details.

Statements List

The Statements List displays several columns by default, including:

Column NameInstructions
NameThe Name of the Statement
Issue DateThe Issue Date of the Statement
StatusThe Status of the Statement
Rights-HolderThe Rights-Holder associated with the Statement
Start DateThe Start Date of the Statement
End DateThe End Date of the Statement
AmountThe Amount of the Statement
Payable Amount VAT ExcludedThe VAT Excluded Payable Amount of the Statement
Payable Amount VAT IncludedThe VAT Included Payable Amount of the Statement
PaymentThe Status of the Payment associated with the Statement
Creation DateThe Creation Date of the Statement

You can add or remove additional columns using the optional Custom Columns feature.

Creating a Statement

When a Right-Holder Balance is closed, the system automatically creates a summary Royalty Statement in PDF format and a detailed statement in CSV format that can be sent to the Right-Holder.

Please note that you can access this list after closing a Right-Holder Balance.

Sending Statements by email

Statements generated for your Right-Holders can be emailed directly from the Statement’s list.

The Statement is sent to the email address you input in the Right-Holder’s Contact/Company information.