Reprtoir is a Software-as-a-Service platform offering subscriptions to plans that provide access to specific features with usage limitations based on quotas.

Subscription plans are available for one month or one year, payable at the start of the period, automatically renewable, and cancellable at any time without penalty. In case of cancellation, the subscribed plan will remain active until the end of the period. There is no contract to subscribe to Reprtoir, the Terms of Service prevail.


Yearly payment gives two significant advantages:

  1. Saving 1-month free
  2. Using Royalty Processing quota over the year

Quotas can be used for the duration of the subscription and reset to zero at the start of each period. If any of these quotas are exceeded, additional charges apply. The quotas are applied to the following metrics:

UsersThe maximum number of Users (Team Members) in the account.
AssetsThe maximum number of Assets hosted in the account.
Files StorageThe maximum number of File Storage hosted in the account (in GB).
Statements ProcessingThe maximum total amount of Statement Processing (in USD).

To find out all the current plans, visit the following page:


Custom Plans available

Contact our sales team if you need a custom Plan to suit your situation.