3. Track Releases Titles

3.1 Track Release Titles

Audio should correctly match the titles, and titles should be spelled correctly. In addition, all track release titles on an album should be unique. This does not apply to different versions of the same track that are distinctly marked Clean/Explicit.

  • Live
  • Radio Edit
  • Extended Version
  • Single Version

NOTE:The display of SubTitles will vary among Digital Merchants. Many Aggregators will not have a specific entry field for track subtitles. In these instances, include all SubTitle information following the track title in parentheses. Generally, this will indicate to the Aggregator and Digital Merchant that the information within parentheses is intended as a SubTitle. This does not apply to DDEX messages. When using DDEX, the use of parenthesis for subtitles is discouraged.

3.2 Medleys

For medleys, each listed song in the medley should be spaced and separated by a forward slash. If the word medley or a title for the medley itself is included, it should either precede the songs and be followed by a colon or follow the songs and be contained in parentheses.

For example:



Song A / Song B / Song C

A Merry Christmas / Joy Be With You / Apples in Water

Medley: Song A / Song B / Song C

Medley: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Deck the Halls / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Medley Title: Song A / Song B / Song C

Closing Medley: Folsom Prison Blues / I Walk the Line / Ring of Fire

Song A / Song B / Song C (Medley)

We Are Trying to Stay Alive / Real Thing / Ain’t Nobody (Medley)

NOTE: A less common practice for medleys with 4 or more songs is to list the first song title followed by the word “Medley.” For example, a Christmas medley may be titled “We Wish You A Merry Christmas Medley.”

3.3 Ghost, silent, and hidden Tracks

DDEX provides flags for indicating whether a track is a hidden, ghost, or silent track,

which would allow this information to be left out of the track title.

However, some retailers will require information for ghost, silent, or hidden tracks to be included in the track title. Contact your Digital Merchant for clarification.


Track example

Silent Track Release

Outro (Silent Track)

Hidden Track Release

A Rockin’ Good Way (Hidden Track) [feat. Maceo Parker]

Ghost Track Release

Open My Eyes (Ghost Track)

DDEX: For in-depth DDEX information on Track Release Titles, please refer to DDEX guide section 4 Track Release Titles.