Billing Settings

Every team using Reprtoir has access to the Billing Settings of the Account, to be able to track the products Users have subscribed, find Invoices and set Payment preferences.
Please note the Billing Settings are for Account Administrator only. If you haven't access to them, please contact an Account Administrator.


In the Subscribe page, the Account Administrator has access to all details regarding the products that the team is using. The current monthly price is displayed on top of the page with, next to it, the date of the next due payment.
All Products and Add-ons are listed under the Subscriptions section of the page. For every one of them, the Quantity of Assets and Items are indicated as well as the Estimated Monthly Cost to help Users to keep track of their accounting.
Most importantly, on this page, the Account Administrator can subscribe or unsubscribe from Products and Add-ons. If some Products are necessary to the team's activity and not activated yet, click on the "Subscribe" link on the right of the desired Product's name. To cancel a Product's subscription, click on the "Unsubscribe" link n the right of the Product to cancel's name. The Add-ons work exactly the same way and are located right under the Products.
Users also have access to the tracking of Storage, indicating the Asset types that are being stored in Reprtoir's environment (Audio, Image or other types of files), with their quantity and their weight in GB. The total of stored Assets and/or Items is calculated to give Users a global price, with the Month-to-date cost. Keep in mind that Reprtoir offers 5 GB to all Users, which are already discounted from the total that is indicated in the Subscription section.
For more clarity, Reprtoir creates a daily cost breakdown for the current month, at the bottom of the page. In this chart, every Product the Account Manager subscribed to are represented, with a graphic visualization of how the monthly cost is divided between them. Note: if the Storage doesn't appear on the chart, it most certainly means that it is still in the offered 5 GB, therefore not requiring any payment.


The Invoices section is where all Invoices from Reprtoir are stored and available at all time for the Account Administrator. All files are named following the same logic: "Invoice for [month] [year]", followed by the main informations: the date the bill has been issued by the service, the Invoice number, the complete amount, the status (Paid or Unpaid) and links to see more details.
On this page, the Account Administrator can download all Invoices. By clicking on the "Download" link in the far right on the line of the Invoice the User is looking to collect, the file will automatically download onto the User's computer.

Payment Preferences

In the Payment Preferences section, the Account Administrator will be able to fill in and edit credit card credentials, billing informations and add any potential coupons.
Starting with Billing details, the Account Manager will have to complete administrative informations on the Company (or Artist), the name of the Legal entity, its address, the country and the VAT ID for EU-based companies. Please keep these informations updated to make sure the Invoices Reprtoir will send you are addressed to the right entity. To update the Billing details, simply get back to this page, edit informations and click on the "Update" button.
The Credit card section is where the Credit card that will be used to pay for the service provided by Reprtoir will be registered. Please think of adding a mean of payment when subscribing to the service. When needed, the Account Manager can update the informations by clicking on the link "Update card" on the right.
Finally, if Reprtoir offers any discount to an Account, they will have to be added in the Coupons section, at the bottom of the page. To benefit from the Coupon, enter the code that was provided by the team and click on "Submit". All Coupons will be archived in the list below the field to fill in, with the details of the discount, the date it started, the date it expires and its current status on the right.