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What is an Operation?

In Reprtoir, an Operation is the result of an Income or Expense calculation. Basically, it's like the debit and credit list in your accounting software or your bank account.
The list of Operations automatically shows the result of the Royalty Splits calculation carried out during the Incomes and Expenses processing.
Please note you will have access to this list after having created a first Income or Expense.


The Operations list reflects the status of debits and credits going from your Organisations to your right holders.
You cannot edit its elements in any ways, and their status updates automatically according to your Balances and Payments.

Operation Status

Operations have statuses.
Status Name
Before an operation has been paid, its status will be set to Draft.
When a Right-Holder’s Balance is in consolidation, operations related to that Rights-Holder are set to Due.
When a Right-Holder’s Balance is closes, operations related to that Rights-Holder are set to Closed