About Tagging

What is tagging?

Reprtoir provide a powerful tagging system that allows bulk assign or bulk remove custom properties to any Assets or Items such as Tracks, Albums, Works, Videos, Playlists, Contracts, Contacts, Incomes, Expenses, etc.

Understanding the difference between Tags and Tag Categories

A Tag is a keyword that help classify and help to search and filter content at lightning speed. Tags are filterable and sortable in any list.
A Tag Category is a Tags container. In other word, Tags are nested into Tag Categories, like for example:
Tag Category
Calm, Energetic, Happy, Sad, etc.
Adagio, Andante, Allegro, Moderato, etc.
Cello, Drums, Guitar, etc.
Recording Studios
Abbey Road, Capitol, Metropolis, etc.
Person in charge
Alex, Christie, John, Robert, etc.
Remastered Years
2015, 2016, 2017, etc.
Int. Master Codes
DR299XY, LB150TZ, SV666WL, etc.
To learn more about how to manage Tags and Tags Categories, follow the links below: