Free Trial

This page is still under construction. We apologize for any accuracies or mistakes it may contain. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any other questions, feel free to contact us using the Chat available at the bottom right of your screen in your Workspace, or by email at:[email protected]

What is the 14-day trial?

For each newly opened account, all Products and Add-ons are accessible without any limitation 14-day for free. The trial provides the opportunity to test all Reprtoir features, start onboarding team members, add Assets, Incomes, Expenses, etc. During this period, we will stay available for any Product questions and help you may have.
A banner at the top of the Workspace indicates how many days left on the trial. You will as well get emails to let you know when it expires.

Common Questions

How do I start a free trial?

The free trial starts automatically when a new account is created.

Do I have to provide a credit card to start a free trial?

No credit cards are required to start a trial. Once your trial has expired and you'd like to subscribe you would need to provide your credit card details.

Which features can I test during this free trial?

You can basically test all Reprtoir features which are all available without any limitations.

What happens at the end of the free trial period?

After 14 days, your account will be frozen meaning that you can't edit, collaborate or invite team members anymore. You will be required to add a credit card and subscribe to one of our product. To learn more about Subscription, follow the link above:
If you decide not to proceed, your account will be deleted automatically 7 days later. No action is required.

Can I extend my free trial?

We usually do not extend trials but, if you have a large Organization and need more trial time to integrate your team, you can contact us. We will go through some requirements first and would be happy to give you more trial time!