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The "Get Started" page helps users to better understand the use of Reprtoir.
Start by following the steps below to learn the basics of using Reprtoir:
Please note: due to the advanced technologies used to develop Reprtoir, the Workspace is not available on mobile yet.

Getting to know Reprtoir

About Organizations

In Reprtoir, the Organization is a key concept for Rights and Royalties management. For example, specifying the Organization's role in a Contract determines whether if it is the Payee or the Payer, and define the Royalty Splits percentages it will earn.
Learn how to manage Organizations before getting started with Rights and Royalties management.

Customize your Profile from the Settings

Go to the Settings section to edit your User Profile: add a profile picture, define your time zone, and modify your personal information like your email address or your password.

Set up your Team and Permissions

Business management is a team sport. Empower your entire Organization by eliminating bottlenecks and giving your teammates access to the information and tools they need while maintaining security and data privacy.
Permissions management
Please note that if you cannot access this page then you should contact your Account Administrator to find out more.

Adding Music Assets to the Workspace

Creating a Musical Work manually

Start with learning how to add a Work by filling in a form in the Workspace.
Once you know how to do this, you will be able to do the exact same process to create any other Assets such as Albums, Tracks, or Videos as well as any other Items such as a Contracts, Companies, Contacts, Incomes, Expenses, etc.
Watch the video on the right to learn how to create Assets manually.
Creating an Asset manually

Importing a few Albums with Releases Importer

If your Releases are already on a streaming service like Spotify, why waste time recreating them manually into Reprtoir? Thanks to our Releases Importer tool you can search for your Albums and bulk import them in a blink of an eye. Watch the video on the right to learn how to start with Releases Importer.
We advise you to watch the video on the right and import a few Releases now, before continuing this quick start guide.
Importing Albums with Releases Importer

Using Reprtoir Sheets to bulk import Assets

Reprtoir Sheets is a collaborative and smart online spreadsheet tool that works exactly like Google Spreadsheets or Office 365, but specifically designed for Reprtoir metadata bulk importation. This lets teams collaborate to input and import Assets and Items, such as Tracks, Works, Videos, Contacts, or Companies, in bulk, with a smart engine that checks the consistency and data compliance before their ingestion. Watch the video on the right to learn how to start with Reprtoir Sheets.
Please note this is an advanced step that you can skip for now and return to later once you have discovered Reprtoir more in-depth.
Using Reprtoir Sheets to bulk import Assets

Learning the benefits of using Metadata Collector

Exploring the power of (meta)data enrichment

Metadata Collector is an intelligent and autonomous robot that automatically enriches your Assets on a daily-basis by updating your metadata as well as adding in-depth machine-learning-based psychoacoustic data to your Tracks that you can then use to filter and sort in Audio Manager. Like automatic tagging, only better. Watch the video on the right to learn how to try it out for yourself on your own data.
Please note you must complete "Importing a few Albums with Releases Importer" before getting to this step! It'll only take a minute.
Exploring data with Metadata Collector

Producing, sharing, and monitoring Playlists

Creating a Playlist in less than one minute

Playlists for business have multiple features to help and boost music marketing and sales teams in their daily work routine. Watch the video on the right to learn how to create a Playlist in less than one minute.
Please note you must have created or imported Tracks before starting with this.
Creating Playlist under one minute

Sharing a Playlist with your Contacts

Whether your team is prospecting, pitching, or promoting your music catalog, our secure business-to-business private playlists allow you to share tracks with confidence with any Contact added in the CRM.
Watch the video on the right to discover how to manage permissions, tell the difference between a public link and a contact link, and learn about other helpful tips.
Sharing Playlist with Contacts

Tracking and monitoring your Playlists' traffic in real-time

Subscribe to Playlists for business Analytics to be kept informed in real-time when someone opens your Playlists or streams or downloads your Tracks.
Tracking and monitoring Playlists' traffic in real-time

Start with Releases management

Set up a Release for The Orchard or Believe

If your company is distributed by The Orchard or Believe, this feature allows you to easily generate a ZIP archive including compliant metadata spreadsheets, folders, audio tracks, and cover arts of your new Releases that are fully compatible with bulk upload tools and requirements from your distributor. Watch the video on the right to learn how to set up a Release.
Please note you must complete "Importing a few Albums with Releases Importer" above before doing this step! It'll only take a minute.
Starting with Releases management

Explore Contracts management

Managing your business Contracts

Contracts are the main piece for Rights and Royalties management in Reprtoir.
You can manage Label Contracts (i.e. for Track and Video Assets) or Publisher Contracts (i.e. for Work Assets) and define whether your Company is the Payer or the Payee. This means that you can create Contracts for money flowing in (i.e. ingesting revenues from your distributor) and for money flowing out (i.e. paying out Royalties to your Rights-Holders).
Watch the video on the right to learn how to create and manage Contracts.
Explore Contracts management

Discover Royalties management

Assigning Royalty Splits to Tracks and Works

Royalty Split is the percentages of Royalties shared between your Organization and a third party, such as a Supplier, a Customer, or a Rights-Holder, always based on 100% of the Royalties to be distributed.
Watch the video on the right to learn how to assign Royalty Splits to your Tracks and Works.
Assigning Royalty Splits to Tracks and Works

Creating an Expense

Expenses, whether Fees or Advances, are the amounts that your Organization spends to produce or promote Artists & Repertoire, and which will be recovered, in whole or in part, against the Royalties owed to your Rights-Holders.
The main difference between these two types of Expenses is that Advances, also known as a "Advances against Royalties", are paid directly to the Right-Holders, while Fees are spent by the Organization on talent scouting and artistic development.
Watch the video on the right to learn how to create Expenses.
Creating an Expense

Creating an Income and ingesting a Royalty Statement

Incomes are the amounts the Organization earns from Digital or Physical Royalties, Neighbouring, Performance or Mechanical Rights, Synchronizations, or other revenue sources such as Concerts, Touring, and Merchandising.
This tool is already compatible with more than 60 Distributors, Aggregators, Retailers, Neighboring, Performance, and Mechanical Rights Societies such as Apple, Believe, BMI, GEMA, HFA, Merlin, PPL, SACEM, SUISA, Spotify, The Orchard, etc.
Watch the video to the right to learn how to start ingesting Royalty Statement files and calculating millions of rows in minutes.
Ingesting a Royalty Statement