Reprtoir Sheets
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What is Reprtoir Sheets?

Reprtoir Sheets is a collaborative and smart online spreadsheet tool that works exactly like Google Sheets or Office 365 and allows teams to fill in (or copy and paste) metadata in bulk, with a smart engine that checks the consistency and compliance of the data before their ingestion.
Supported Assets and Items are:
Asset/Item Name
Albums (including Tracks)
Tracks (***)
Label Contracts (Money In)
Label Contracts (Money Out)
Publisher Contracts (Money In)
Publisher Contracts (Money Out)
Other Contracts (Money In)
Other Contracts (Money Out)
(***) Although this is allowed, we do not recommend to create orphaned Tracks, i.e. without including them in an Album, when creating them, except in the case where you are only using Playlists. It is not possible to create Releases or calculate Royalties without Albums.

Adding a Sheet

To create a Sheet, go to the navigation menu on the left, open the "Tools" section and then click on the "Sheets" list. Then click on the orange button "New Sheet" located at the top right of the list.
A pop-up window will open to enter the necessary metadata to add a new Sheet.
This Tab is for adding or removing Metadata to the selected Works.
Template *
Choose a Sheet Template.
Name *
Enter a name for the Sheet.
This Tab is for adding or removing Custom Tags to the selected Sheet. To learn more, please follow the link below.
To record the new Sheet, click on the orange button "Save" located at the bottom right of the pop-up window. The new Sheet will then be immediately available in the "Sheet" list and opened in a new tab of your browser. To stop the action, click on the grey "Cancel" button next to it.

Filling up and verifying a Sheet

Once you are inside an empty spreadsheet, there are two necessary steps to take in order to import its metadata into your account:
  1. 1.
    You must fill it up with metadata
  2. 2.
    Once that is done, the system needs to verify your metadata.
You cannot import before the system verifies the metadata. The verification will start when you click on the IMPORT FILE button. Either the system identifies problems with your metadata and indicates which cells are concerned with a red indicator, or your spreadsheet is clean and you will be authorised to import it.
Here is a little video showing you how this works:

Adding Tags to a Sheet

Reprtoir Sheets allows to import any Tags.
This is something that is very easy to do in Reprtoir and here is how it's done:
  1. 1.
    First, you must create your tag categories inside of your account. We explain how to create tag categories in our article Tagging and filtering in Reprtoir. In our example above, we mentioned the importance of importing tempo and year of release information, so those are the categories we would create.
  2. 2.
    Then you can go ahead and either create your spreadsheet or load it up if it is in draft mode from inside your Spreadsheets’ list.
  3. 3.
    Once inside your spreadsheet, click on "Add a tag category column"
  4. 4.
    First, choose one of the 2 tag categories from our example: “Tempo (bpm)" or "Year of release"
  5. 5.
    A new field on the right will appear with two options "Tracks" or "Albums". Choose "Tracks" if the tags you intend on importing only concern the tracks themselves. For instance, tempo information is usually only assignable on the track level because songs within an album will have different tempos. On the other hand, choose "Albums" if the tags you intend to import are only relevant on the album level. For example "Year of release" usually applies to albums rather than the tracks inside those albums. But you can choose to assign tags to the elements you want. We just give you the possibility of organizing your tags on the track or album levels.
You can create any tag categories and any tags you like and import them in your account with this method.
Here is a video showing you how it’s done:


Reprtoir Sheets verifies the compliance of the data before importing them. In case of errors, it assists you by clearly indicating the elements to correct.


We have built it with a smart engine that checks the consistency and compliance of the data before it is imported.