Releases Importer

What is Releases Importer?

Releases Importer is an innovative Reprtoir tool that allows metadata ingestion of any album already available on streaming services, like Spotify, in a blink of eye.

Importing a Release

Please note, only Releases publicly available on Spotify can be found and imported. If it is not the case, you can use Reprtoir Sheets to import your Releases metadata in bulk.
To import a Release, go to the navigation menu on the left, open the "Audio Management" section and then click on the "Albums" list. Then click on the orange button "New Album" located at the top right of the list and choose "Import from Spotify" in the drop-down list.
In the Pane "Releases Importer" that opened, type in any Release Title and/or Artist Name in the search bar. By default, the territory of your account is selected at the right of the search bar. If needed, select another territory in the drop-down list, and then hit "Enter".
In the result list, select the Release(s) to import, right-click (or click on the three dots icon
located on the right side of the line when you hover it) and choose "Import".
The new Album(s) will then be immediately available in the "Albums" list.
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Importing a Release