Best Practices

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You DO NOT need to follow these rules for metadata inside of your Reprtoir account but if ever you want to prepare your metadata to deliver your products to iTunes, you must follow specific rules. Because the iTunes styleguide is respected by most distributors and serves as their reference for metadata formatting, you will usually have to apply most of these rules if ever you want to preparer your products for digital music stores.

Rule 1: Nonstandard Capitalization

Titles must not be in all capitals, all lower case, or random casing.

Rule 2: Abbreviation of Part and Volume

The words Part and Volume must be abbreviated with “Pt.” and “Vol.” Titles should be formatted as “Title, Vol. x” and “Title, Pt. x,” where x is a number. Example: Dead Presidents, Vol. 1

Rule 3: English Title Casing

The first letters of each word must contain a capital letter with a few exceptions:
  • a, an, and, as, but, for, from, nor, of, or, so, the, to, and yet.
  • Prepositions of four letters or fewer (at, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, onto, out, over, to, up, and with), except when the word is part of a verb phrase or is used as another part of speech (such as an adverb, adjective, noun, or verb).
Examples: In the Still of the Night (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman To Be, or Not to Be Lost in a Pair of Eyes
You must also always capitalize the the first word in parentheses. Example: War (What Is It Good For?)

Rule 4: Spanish and Portuguese Casing

Here you can apply the same rules than the english title casing rules, so capitalizing the first letters of each word with a few exceptions:
  • a, à , ao, aos, as, pra, ou, para, das, de, do, dos, e, pro, um, uma, nas, no, nos, o, os, às, da, pela, pelas, pelo, pelos, por, em, na

Rule 5: Swedish, French, and Italian Casing

Swedish, French, and Italian titles must be formatted in sentence- case format. In other words you only capitalize the first letter of the first word in the title but leave all the other lower-case.
Examples: L’amour dans la rue För sent för edelweiss Sur les monts d'Auvergne Kärlek är ett brev skickat tusen gånger

Rule 6: German casing

German titles must use sentence case, and the first letter of every noun must be capitalized.
Examples: So ist das Spiel Dicke Mädchen haben schöne Namen