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Assets (or Music Assets)

An Asset (or Music Asset) is an Album (also known as a "Release"), a Track (also known as a "Sound Recording"), a Video (also known as a "Video Recording" or a "Media"), or a Work (also known as a "Musical Work" or a "Composition") that an Organization owns or exploits under license.

CMO (or Collective Management Organizations)

A CMO (or Collective Management Organization) is an Organization responsible for defending, monitoring, licensing, collecting, and distributing music rights and royalties for its members or clients. In most cases, CMOs are not-for-profit entities, their legal form can be either private or public.
CMOs manages different types of Assets:
  • Sound Recordings are managed by Neighboring, Related, and Reproduction Rights Organizations (NRO/RRO), such as PPL, SCPP, SPPF, and SIAE.
  • Musical Works are managed by Performance Rights Organizations (PRO), such as ASCAP and BMI, and Mechanical Rights Organizations (MRO), such as MLC, HFA, and Music Reports.

Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop is the action to select a virtual element on a screen by clicking (or grabbing it) and move it towards another the spot (or dragging it) to leave it there by releasing the cursor (or dropping it). In general, it can be used to invoke many kinds of actions, or create various types of associations between files, images etc. To learn more, follow the link below.


An Item is any other Resource that not are an Asset like a Playlist.



A Payee (also known as a "Beneficiary") is a Company or Person to whom money is paid for something. In Reprtoir, Payee is the part that receives Royalty money. For examples, the Organization is the Payee when a Company, such as a distributor or a CMO, pays it money, or a Rights-Holder is the Payee when the Organization pays it money


A Payer is a Company or Person who pays money for something. In Reprtoir, Payer is the part that paid Royalty money. For examples, a Company, such as a distributor or a CMO, is the Payer when they pay the Organization, or an Organization is the Payer when they pay a Rights-Holder.